About The Awards

The Ghana Shippers Awards 2019

The Ghana Shippers Awards provides a platform to recognize individuals and companies that play a significant role in the growth and development of the industry while recognising the key functions within the industry that promote growth and sustainability. This is the premier event in Ghana which showcases on a national scale the excellence and innovation within Ghana’s sector.

In recent times transportation has been so complex and costly owing to rising rates and ancillary charges pretty well across all sectors of the shipping industry. Again delivery and quality customer service is of essence to industry stakeholders. The Awards is a benchmarks of excellence for carrier performance despite the recurring challenge. The benchmarks for carrier performance would be based on some key performance indicators (KPIs) to derive the standards of excellence.

Key among the standards are on information technology for couriers, safety and competitive pricing. Carriers who are weighted above the scores or survey done by our partners AC Nielsen will be entered into the finalist

The awards cut across road transportations, ocean carriers, air transportation, freight forwarding, shipping agents, express services, courier agencies, government agencies, insurance and financial institution and more We exist to recognise distinctions in the field, and also to promote the interests of the industry - nationally and internationally.

The Awards recognise the industry’s merits and set a benchmark for excellence, whilst rewarding innovative ideas and concepts that have pushed the boundaries of what is possible.


  • To bring together players in the shipping industry and recognize achievements from local and international companies involved shipping sector in Ghana.
  • To reward those that have played a defining role in moving the industry forward and have demonstrated achievement across a wide variety of domains including sustainability, operational excellence, innovation and others.
  • To indentify projects and individual achievements that have enabled shippers to set themselves apart from their competitors and that have produced clear and compelling value and other relevant results.