Nomination Rules

Rules for the 2021 GSA

Please read these carefully.

No company may be nominated for more than one award on substantially the same basis. GSA will discard entries for multiple awards which broadly replicate other entries.

We reserve the right to move an entry to a different category from the category entered if the entry is better suited to that category.

  • In the event that there are too few qualified nominations in a particular category, GSA reserves the right to not select a winner in that category.
  • In the event that there are no qualified nominations in a particular category, The GSA Awarding Board reserves the right shortlist or nominate and further select a winner in that category.
  • The finalists for all individual awards must accept their award in person if they are selected the winner.
  • All nominations must be submitted using the Online Nominating Process. Nominations and supporting materials must be received not later than July, 2021. Extensions to this date will be granted if the need be
  • Nominations may be submitted either directly from a company, from an involved individual, or from a third party. In the event that a third party nominates a company or individual, GSA will contact the nominated company or individual and ask the nominee to review the nomination for accuracy and, if necessary, provide any missing documentation. If the company or individual fails to provide the required response by the specified date, the nomination will be excluded from competition.
  • Each nomination should include the nominated company’s logo. For screen quality, we require images of 300 dpi or above, Illustrator or Photoshop. These files can be emailed to
  • Entries in CEO of the Year should be accompanied by a high-resolution colour photograph of the individual nominated. These files can be emailed to
  • Supporting material may be required. Should you choose to send additional materials, please ensure they are supportive of the actual nomination. Supporting materials may include brochures, advertisements, photographs and other documents. Please send all supporting materials via email to
  • Winners will NOT be notified prior to the Ghana Shippers Awards event; however all nominations must be accompanied by the name of the person who will be accepting the award if the nominee is chosen as the winner.
  • Each winner is expected to accept their award on stage at the awards ceremony on August, 2021 at the Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel - Accra.
  • All information submitted through the Online Nominating Process and all supporting materials will be considered confidential and will only be used by GSA and its panel of judges for the purposes of selecting finalists and winners for the 2021 Ghana Shippers Awards.
  • We reserve the right to publish positive extracts from winning entries and reserves the right to publish your 50-word summary of your project
  • It should be assumed and noted that all events will be filmed for distribution purposes. By attending any of our events, you acknowledge awareness of this statement and release xodus communications limited, its owner, operators, officers, and duly designated representatives operating in either an official or unofficial capacity free from any liability regarding your image, including use and distribution.